Enable secure playback in chromium djdarki

Chromium problems

protected content in chromium or Enable secure playback in chromium

I am trying to show how fix spotify / amazon prime and other stream platforms can fix on chromium web player.

As you know chromium is not safe browser for privacy but if you are looking for fix this issue that we are talking about , you are in right website.

first of all for fix this issue you need to follow step by step

Well Chromium is same as chrome web browser but it have hidden settings which you can’t find them easily but i have solution for you guys.

please fill free to check below link if you want to download chromium for mac / windows / android or ios


Step 1: open Chromium

Step 2: copy the below link


Step 3: past it in your chromium address bar

Step 4: press Enter.

Step 5: Enjoy

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i had same problem when i tried to search about it in google but i didn’t found anything match with my Searching keywords and i decided to add this article about this issuse

if you like this article about Chromium web browser that how to fix chromium protected content issus

please click on the below link and check my website


i wish it going to help you but if not , just let me know down here in comments.

thank you so much

Enable secure playback in chromium
Enable secure playback in chromium


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