who is djdarki
who is djdarki


Who is Djdarki ?

djdarki is Iranian musician artist which he was born at 03/august(08)/1988 at Iran’s south City named Ahwaz.
Music Producer
Height : 1.78 m
Full Name : Moein Mousavi
Genre : Techno – House – Electronic Dance Music – Trance – Tech house – Future bass – Dance/Electronic
He grew up in Tehran and after education he received a degree in computer engineering.
At the age of 20, he entered the computer and internet business and at the age of 25 , with a strong interest in music , started working in music.
djdarki loved music since childhood and one of the reasons he turned to music was the sweet and memorable memories of his childhood.
djdarki music’s genres is Techno / EDM / house which there is a lot of music stream platforms like Spotify / Apple music / YouTube music / Amazon music / Deezer / tiktok music / Instagram music / Facebook music , that you can find his music.
His expertise is music producing / mix master / live mix.
also there is more about djdarki (http://www.youtube.com/djdarki) : design , movie maker , photo shooting , editing , computer system troubleshooter , Expert in setting up internal networks.
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